In the words of dancers....

The Power
of Tango

“I feel like it gets something out of me that doesn’t come out in any other way.”

Listen to the words of the dancers in this short film to hear how the tango embrace can transform people’s lives through connection, expression and respect.

To share the healing magic of tango, Mauro Marcone established Two To Tango in Houston, in 2014, with the goal of creating opportunities for learning and dancing Argentine tango, and to promote Argentinian culture. The Houston Heights studio hosts group and private lessons, milongas (social events), the Houston Tango Festival, and community performances.

Film credit: Yelizaveta Nersesova

learn to dance with us!
Tango Series Classes

Our leveled series classes build the foundations of social salon tango. Based upon Mauro Marcone's progressive curriculum, these classes will teach you everything you need in order to dance the basics of tango in the social setting, including: Alignment, connection, walking systems, basic patterns, pivots, circular movements, musicality and the traditions of tango. No partner necessary.


6:30pm Level II

8pm Level I


6:30pm Level III

8pm Level IV

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Open Classes

Wanting to try tango or to deepen your skills? We have weekly open classes for all levels. Thursdays are focused on those new to tango, and Saturday is an open level class to work on your foundations or learn new skills. Stay for the Practica or Milonga afterwards to enjoy the social aspect of tango. No partner necessary.


7pm Introductory Lesson 

(Practica Afterwards)


7pm Open Level Tango Lesson

(Milonga afterwards)

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Socials Tango: Practica and Milongas

We have one practica and two milongas per week in the beautiful studio at La Coqueta, where we can practice our skills or enjoy dancing in a warm and welcoming environment. Our Thursday Practica is an informal open studio practice time, with the Two To Tango Faculty present, where you can ask questions and work on your technique or skills. Our Wednesday and Saturday Milongas are social dances, led by local tango DJ's, where the traditions of tango are upheld, and we enjoy dancing with our entire community.


8pm Practica


8pm Mid-Week Milonga


8pm Milonga La Coqueta

All events at La Coqueta (2020 Studewood St. Houston, TX 77009)

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move your body

Dancing connects your body and soul

Tango is primarily a walking dance, integrated with turns and pauses. As a dancers’ tango vocabulary increases and they begin creating more complex movements, so does their mobility, balance and core strength. An upright relaxed posture creates space within and awakens body awareness.

Dancing tango well requires mindful control of the body which is accomplished by activating and releasing muscles to achieve a desired movement. Students find that they gain greater body control, not only when dancing tango but in day to day life due to increased muscle tone and strength as well postural alignment, balance and flexibility.

Cognition and powering up the brain

Dancing tango provides an avenue for learning new skills. One of the reasons that tango is so stimulating for the brain is that it requires split-second, rapid fire decision making. This results in several brain functions being activated at the one time, thus increasing neural connectivity. Furthermore, tango is an improvised dance based on a technique that is precise and challenging. Added to this are further challenges of partnering another person, executing movements to a broad range of tango music (tango/vals/milonga) and navigating the dance floor. Switch on the brain and power up new neural pathways, dance tango!

Meet Your Instructor

About Mauro

Mauro Marcone was born in Argentina, and in 1998, Mauro took his first steps as a tango dancer. Now residing in Houston Texas, he has been teaching for almost 20 years the authentic art that he has developed from years of study with many master teachers from Buenos Aires. Mauro has performed internationally in major concert halls and with orchestras such at the Houston Latin Philharmonic.


Mauro’s style of dancing is traditional “Tango Salon” and the elegance and variety of figures allows it to be danced in a social scene or in performance. Mauro’s goal is to pass on his knowledge of tango dancing, as well as the culture behind this passionate dance. 


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“Two To Tango” is warm and friendly environment to learn true Argentinian tango from experienced teachers. If you’re looking for connection, expression and respect through this beautiful dance, please call us for an introduction!

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